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“Welcome to Manaal Foods Pvt Limited, your gateway to premium quality exports. Explore the richness of nature’s bounty with our exquisite range, featuring aromatic rice, delicate pink salt, golden corn, savory sesame seeds, and fiery dry red chillies.”

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From fragrant rice to delicate pink salt, golden corn, nutty sesame seeds, and spicy dry red chillies, elevate your dishes with our premium selection




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Supplying The Best Products Since 1996

Welcome to Manaal Foods, a beacon of excellence and innovation in the rice industry. With a legacy of over two decades, our journey began as Al-Manaal Rice Processing Mills and has since transformed into a dynamic group of companies, committed to setting the standard for quality in rice production. As custodians and proud founders of seed D-98, we hold ourselves accountable to protect the purity and origin of Pakistan’s organic rice grains through continuous research and development. Our values, rooted in leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, passion, diversity, and quality, define every aspect of our operations. Manaal Foods aspires not only to be the largest producer of rice from Pakistan but also to empower farmers, contribute to the long-term productivity of Pakistani soil, and enhance the environmental and societal impacts of rice production. Our sustainable approach reflects our commitment to the planet and the communities we serve. At Manaal Foods, we invite you to explore our rich heritage, experience our unwavering dedication to quality, and join us on a journey where customer satisfaction, sustainability, and excellence harmoniously define our path forward.



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