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Our History

Established over two decades ago, Manaal Foods, originally recognized as Al-Manaal Rice Processing Mills, embarked on its journey in the rice industry with a commitment to excellence. From its early days, the company displayed a steadfast dedication to quality and innovation.

Our Mission

At Manaal Foods, quality is paramount, reflected in every grain of rice. While we pursue cost-efficiency, our dedication to excellence remains steadfast. We aim to boost Pakistani soil productivity, refining crop management for environmental and social advantages. Embracing sustainability, we recognize our responsibility to the planet and our communities. Inspired by customer trust, we innovate, uphold high standards, and contribute positively to Pakistan’s agriculture. Our vision is a future defined by quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction at Manaal Foods.

Vision Statement

Manaal Foods aspires to establish the benchmark for rice production excellence, offering customers the finest grains. As stewards of Pakistan’s organic rice, especially seed D-98, we are dedicated to preserving its purity and heritage through continuous research and development. Our goal extends beyond industry leadership to empowering farmers with cultivation expertise and resources. Ultimately, we envision customers relishing Manaal Foods’ quality, deeply rooted in Pakistan’s rich rice heritage.

Value Statement

At Manaal Foods, our core values drive positive change in the rice industry through leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, and passion. We preserve the authenticity of Pakistan’s organic rice, particularly seed D-98, while contributing to long-term soil productivity. Embracing diversity, we foster inclusivity and respect differences, with quality as our hallmark and sustainability as our guiding principle. Grateful for customer support, we uphold high standards, innovate continuously, and positively impact Pakistan’s agriculture. Our vision is a future defined by quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, shaping a better tomorrow at Manaal Foods.

Grown With Love on Our Firm

With over three decades of leadership across various sectors, serving as the driving force behind Manaal Foods (Private) Limited. As the Chairman, he has garnered recognition for his proficient leadership, elevating Manaal Foods to prominence both locally and globally. Under his guidance, the company has become a leading exporter of rice and other commodities from Pakistan, emphasizing excellence and innovation.

Beyond Manaal Foods, Mr. Anwar extends his leadership as the Chairman of Small and Medium Industrial Park (Private) Limited, playing a pivotal role in establishing advanced export zones for small and medium-sized firms. During his tenure as the Senior Vice-Chairman of Rice Association of Pakistan, his visionary mindset led to the introduction of Seed D-98, reflecting his commitment to the protection and promotion of Pakistani rice. He received several awards for his hardwork and dedication towards the rice industry of pakistan.

In addition to his business accomplishments, Mr. Anwar is deeply committed to community contributions, particularly in healthcare and welfare projects across Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab. Manaal Foods takes pride in being led by Mr. Anwar, highlighting his dedication to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility as the foundation for their mission in the organic rice industry, impacting both local communities and the global landscape.

Anwar Mianoor

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